My Private Vocabulary

I have a few phrases that may be unfamiliar to you, and that’s because I invented them. I find them handy, you may too.

Reservoir Dogs – ugly rainbow trout, lacking fins, with distended bellies.

Fund managers
– People who fish exclusively for Reservoir Dogs. They’re into stockies and they want their share.

Czech it out – Arriving at a fast flowing river with little idea of what to put on, and unable to see through the riffles, simply put on a Czech nymph, and Czech the water out.

In the Klink – A fish which has been captured on a Klinkhamer fly. Usually used in satisfaction.

The money room
– the place where a fish ought to be or is known to be. As used in the phrase “That’s in the money room” when your fly drifts over the exact spot you saw a fish rise. Also when your fly lands exactly where you wanted it to and is heading where you want it to. Also “That’s knocking on the door of the money room” when your fly is just short, but may induce a strike. In short, if your heart is beating faster because of where your fly is, your fly is, by definition, in the money room.